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Sherry Walters
14 Marsh Avenue
Woburn, MA 33455

January 4, 2009
Ms. Tamara Wagon,
Personnel Manager
Woburn Community Hospital
15 South Winchester Street
Woburn, MA 33455
Dear Ms. Wagon:
I recently saw your post on seeking a Hospital Orderly for Woburn Community Hospital. I submit my interest with over four years hospital work experience, and a passion for the medical field.
I have worked in two other hospitals in the state to include: Mass General and Roberts Hospital. In those roles, I was responsible for various orderly duties and administrative work to help assist supervisors as needed. To this end, I am hard working, dedicated, and thorough.
I am looking to make a change to Woburn Community Hospital as I am moving to the area, and also, have heard great things about your institution. I very much look forward to the opportunity I might have of speaking with your directly. Please let me know a time you may be available by contacting me at 111-111-1111. Moreover, I am ready to begin work in two weeks time, and have a fairly flexible schedule prior to this time. Thanks so much for your consideration.
Sherry Walters
Sherry Walters
Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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