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Resourceful Assistant Program Manager Job Description


An assistant program manager is the person who works below the program manager. This type of assistants performs different duties, depending on the industry and company. They ensure that corporate operating processes are sufficient and follow program specifications. Assistant program manager help managers oversee programs from development and plan to production.


An assistant program manager supervise the employees by planning and monitoring work calendar and project budgets, working on the projects with cross-functional teams, arranging program activities based on the required deadline. The assistant also manages periodical project improvement meetings and delegates work to information technology staff. He/she gives reports to supervisors, clients and co-workers. Other tasks of assistant program manager include suggesting decisions for problems encountered, providing care and assistance for staff, as well as supervising broadcast and electronic media development during pre-production and postproduction. The assistant program manager is also in charge of advertising and promotional materials, while creating contingency plans to lessen mitigation. Sometimes, the assistant program manager directs issues within the group and supervises project engineer team.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an assistant program manager, one should attain a degree level in project management & administration. It is preferable to have more than five years of work experience to enter in the position, but some employers also provide training under the supervision of a program manager. Having a master’s degree or relevant work experience can be an advantage. Assistant program managers should also be knowledgeable in using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint particularly in Outlook.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An assistant program manager must have excellent oral and written communication skills. Other important skills include public speaking, problem-solving and analytical skills, multi-tasking, organization, leadership, and time management. Assistant program managers must also have the ability to supervise people and resources to complete different activities effectively and advanced computer knowledge in software, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Working Conditions

Assistant program managers have regular working hours. They work from nine to five from Monday to Friday. However, work schedules may change to meet deadlines, so being flexible in time is needed. This job may sometimes require travel to meet clients and other important people.


An assistant program manager may receive an average pay of $46,000. The amount of salary of an assistant program manager may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others like human resource assistant also receive a pay amounting to $31,000 annually.

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