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Skilled Borough Manager Job Description


A borough is an administrative division of a large city or town, and it is a Borough Manager’s responsibility to supervise its day-to-day operation. He is appointed by a council and implements policies made by the council. He coordinates with the various departments to ensure proper and efficient administration of the borough’s affairs.


A Borough Manager is responsible for carrying out the administrative tasks as imposed by the borough government. A part of his/her tasks includes appointing, suspending, and removing borough employees and administrative employees, except those covered by civil service. Borough managers are also in charge of supervising the enforcement of borough laws, carrying out policies and directives by the assembly, preparing and submitting an annual budget and capital improvement programs for approval of the council; as well as executing the budget and capital improvement plan when adopted. The borough manager also prepares monthly financial reports and other reports regarding finances and operations. He/she is also responsible for taking custody of all real property of the borough, providing employee valuations. and ensuring the provisions of all franchises, leases, permits, and privileges granted by the borough are met.

Education and Training Requirements

Depending on the size of the borough, a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, or any related field is required. However, preference is given to those who have a master’s degree. Having at least 2 years of experience in local government administration or any managerial position is also required.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

As a Borough Manager, one must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He should be able to promote staff effectiveness and must have operational expertise. Knowledge in writing grants is also an advantage. He should also be professional, politically incisive, and results-oriented. Borough managers should also have an understanding of all aspect of local government, a strong customer service orientation, and a passion for providing quality services.

Working Conditions

Work is primarily performed in a clean, well-lit, and comfortable office. Some work activities may require occasional visits to other borough facilities, requiring travel and exposure to weather conditions. They usually spend 35-38 hours of work per week when working full time, and evening meetings may be necessary. Noise levels are normally quiet.


The median salary of a Borough manager is $45,000 per year. This can vary greatly due to the size and population of the borough, location, hours of work, experience, and tasks expected to be performed. Benefits often include paid vacations and sick days;pension; and health, vision, and dental insurance. Due to budget cutbacks, some borough managers do not receive any benefits.

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