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Resourceful Development Coordinator Job Description

The development coordinator job description calls for someone who is able to plan events carefully and effectively. He or she often works for a university, non-profit organization or other company for which fundraising is essential for maintaining everyday operations.

Position Description

The development coordinator is responsible for working with a team of individuals to organize fundraising events, coordinate volunteers and donors, gain sponsors and essentially help his or her employer raise funds.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Development Coordinator

  • Coordinates fundraising events and activities from start to finish.
  • Assists in helping his or her employer in the development of fundraising goals and works to meet these goals.
  • Identifies and solicits new donors; takes initiative to negotiate funding.
  • Assists in writing grant proposals and developing gift opportunities.
  • Takes complete responsibility for various fundraising efforts such as product sales, procuring items for sale in auctions and soliciting donations in the form of money or gifts.
  • Works with a team to advertise and market fundraising events through the use of flyers, radio advertisements and social media websites.
  • Assists with creating budgets based upon anticipated fundraising results.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Ability

  • Demonstrates excellent judgment and decision-making skills for the purpose of earning money for his or her employer.
  • Shows the ability to negotiate with donors and persuade individuals to provide items or funds for a particular cause.
  • Possesses interpersonal skills that allow him or her to interact with potential donors and the general public.
  • Demonstrates creativity in coming up with fundraising opportunities and executing events successfully.
  • Shows familiarity with all aspects of his or her employer’s industry, particularly in finance and marketing.
  • Possesses the ability to work well with limited or direct supervision.

Education and Experience

The amount of education that is required to work as a development coordinator varies greatly based upon the employer. In some cases, such as when working for small non-profit organization, no education outside of a high school diploma or GED is necessary. In others, such as when working for large universities, candidates may be required to possess a Bachelor’s degree in a field that is related to the employer’s industry—or perhaps business finance—as well as two to four years’ experience working within that industry.

Work Environment

A development coordinator’s work environment is quite diverse. During the phases of contacting potential donors and planning a fundraiser, he or she will work in a climate-controlled office environment. Since many fundraising events take place outdoors, he or she will spend at least some time working outside in various temperatures and weather conditions. A development coordinator will work odd hours and will likely need to work weekends since this is when the majority of fundraising events take place.


The median development coordinator salary in the United States is about $60,385 per year. It is important to consider that many of these individuals are salaried, meaning that they are paid the same per week regardless of the level of success that fundraising opportunities bring to employers. However, some development coordinators also receive commissions and bonuses based upon the amount of money they help their employers earn.

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