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Seasoned Field Manager Job Description


Field managers, also called field services managers, oversee employees who travel to work in sites or in the field. Their main task is to supervise people on a site, ensuring everyone on the team is performing their responsibilities in the field.


A field manager’s task is to lead a team sent in a field. He/she supervises and oversees tasks of field employees, provide training programs to the workers and ensure everyone works as effectively as possible in the field. Field managers are responsible for maintaining all the field rules and policies, evaluating performance of field employees, responding to on-call tasks and responsibilities, handling the needs and concerns of every field staff and giving support to the employees under their supervision. Field managers are also involved in team decisions and hiring, training or firing field employees.

Education and Training Requirements

Most field managers possess a bachelor’s degree in business management. However, many employers prefer field managers to have several years of experience in a relevant industry. Most companies promote field employees who have been with the company for years into the position of field manager. To acquire this job, one must also have previous trainings in management, provided either by the company or through continuing education.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Field managers are known to be independent thinkers because they get minimum supervision. They are excellent leaders and possess good oral and written skills. Field managers have outstanding interpersonal, PR and management skills. They must be highly motivated and results oriented. Finally, a field manager is expected to be organized, systematic and has the ability to work well under pressure. Field managers may also need to have advanced computer skills to cope with ever-changing technologies.

Working Conditions

A field manager is expected to work in an office, located in an assigned field. They usually work within basic working hours unless there’s a need for them to meet deadlines. They go out and travel most of the time to visit their field employees and meet clients in a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Most of the time, they are only required to work on a weekday, but not on a holiday.


The salary of a field manager will vary on the type of field, location or size of the company, as well as the industry. They can get benefits such as health care, life plans, paid vacation and leaves. Field manager may be able to earn a basic annual pay of $60,000.

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