Organized Office Coordinator Job Description


An Office Coordinator is someone who is responsible for assigning various administrative tasks and overseeing different organizational phases to ensure smooth business operations.


Daily task of office coordinator is associated with the administrative, clerical and more coordinating and scheduling of activities and programs. Some of the functions may include staff assessments and promotions, screening job applicants, maintaining budgetary and inventory controls and handling claims. Office coordinator also does event planning that may vary from organizing large-scale events such as Annual General Meetings to small ones such as office meetings. Planning and organizing events include tasks such as acquiring the place and refreshments, tracking RSVPs and distributing event materials. Other tasks of an office coordinator include taking notes or meeting minutes, scheduling appointments, payroll and time card processes, reception to correspondence, data entry, ordering and keeping office supplies, and utilizing equipments to paperwork. These are among the many duties and responsibilities an office coordinator has on his plate, but this may vary widely depending on the employer. However, regardless of industry, the main role of an office coordinator is to meet the expectations and wants of internal and external patrons and bring quality services to clients, candidates and peers.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become an office coordinator, one must obtain a high school diploma, followed by a secretarial training and 2 years of secretarial work experience. It is important for office coordinators to be knowledgeable in the operation of various software programs, such as word processing, data base management and spreadsheets.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To excel as an office coordinator, one should be highly organized, can work well in a fast-paced vibrant atmosphere, stress-restraint person, pay close attention to details and have a team-oriented attitude. Other essential skills for this job include good communication and organizational skills, and excellent computer skills, and the ability to understand how important his/her position relates to the company, contributing and balancing the department as a whole.

Working Conditions:

Office Coordinator works for forty hours weekly in a typical office, operating the phone and doing mostly desk jobs, attending office staff meetings dealing with the staff members and organizing office activities and tasks for the administrative department.


Aside from the health benefit package and the bonuses, typical Office Coordinator’s median compensation per annum is $43,000 yet this will change or vary depending on the work experience, workload, and the size of the company.

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