Efficient Unit Administrator Job Description


Unit Administrators execute administrative works such as filing and documenting important data. They assist in developing and implementing rules. Unit administrators are in charge of giving an assignment to each secondary personnel. There are strict policies and procedures that an aspiring unit administrator must follow such as submitting security and drug clearances.


The responsibilities and duties of a unit administrator require the following: perform administrative tasks such as documentation of files of the unit; work under the supervision of a unit commander; follow and implement the policy founded by their superior; keep records and secures necessary files; does interviews with a personnel who are assigned a specific task; inform unit vacancy; in charge of answering unit queries; they play as the main contact person for all units; unit commanders do the planning and prioritizes duties of each unit personnel; they are the ones who are in charge of interpreting policies; and gives assistance to the unit commander in instituting trainings.

Education and Training Requirements:

To acquire a Unit administrator job, one must have a four year college degree that is related to analytical, logical and administrative activities. A specific requirement such as security clearance is a must to become a unit administrator. In addition, it is important to have a drug test clearance to be qualified in this job. It is also necessary that a person is an American Citizen in this type of career.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A unit administrator must possess confidence and excellent administrative skills. They are keen to detail and can follow instructions without further explanations. Unit administrators must know how to interpret policies and rules effectively. They are expected to work with minimum supervision.

Working Conditions:

The work of unit administrator is done in offices. They are required to work with basic working hours that may rotate and be flexible at times. The schedule shifts changes from time to time as unit administrators’ work alternately. The schedule and working environment of a unit administrator can sometimes be very demanding but they are well compensated. Their workplace is conducive and comfortable.


The salary given to them is highly competitive and there are extra incentives and bonuses given to them. The basic annual salary that a Unit administrator can receive is $49,000. This includes various benefits like health plans, life pension, paid vacations and among others. Finally, they are given good retirement programs.

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