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Efficient Unit Secretary Job Description


Unit secretaries work through every organizational flow and system in the hospital. Many people may not know that unit secretaries are the first persons that they encounter and speak with in the hospitals. They work with doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs. They are you usually found in the receptions of the medical institution. Unit secretaries make sure that all various operations are carried well into organized conclusions.


The duties and responsibilities of a unit secretary rotates on administrative and systematic work; they are the once who are in charge of all communication tasks like answering calls, producing copy papers, sending fax and order hospital supplies for their unit; they encode in a computer the physicians orders; they are responsible of keeping records of the patients documents at the time they admit and discharge from the hospital; they file, organize and label all types of tests given to the patient; unit secretaries are in charge to process all patients documents and billings; and they appropriate schedule for patients’ tests, checkups, etc.

Education and Training Requirements:

Most hospitals require a high school diploma to become a unit secretary. Trainings in computer systems and software are highly considered to qualify. A secretarial course or any related degree in administrative work is also one of the requirements to acquire this job. A college graduate in any course is given a bigger favor to obtain the position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Basic proficiency in computers is the top skill that a person must possess to be an effective unit secretary. One must be excellent in computer skills and should have knowledge in different kinds of software. They are expected to have excellent administrative and communication skills. A background in medical trainings is also a factor for this kind of job. A unit secretary is very familiar with hospital a medical terminologies.

Working Conditions:

A unit secretary is expected to have a very busy schedule. They work in different working hours during day and night. They work in hospitals and clinics most of the time and work closely with the physicians and medical staffs. They are required to work on a weekend depending on the schedule rotation with other unit secretaries. Sometimes, they are asked to work beyond their regular working shift.


The salary of unit secretaries may vary in the size and type of the hospital where they work. The basic annual pay they can receive is $49,000. This includes a lot of good benefits like health care, pension plans, life plans and others. These benefits vary to the employer of the unit secretary.

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