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Experienced Art Manager Job Description


Art managers, sometimes called art directors, works for art galleries, ad agencies, motion picture companies, graphic design firms, ad agencies, publishing organizations some are self-employed. Since art managers are responsible for overseeing the art aspect of a production, they should be able to lead a team, work well under pressure and think outside the box.


An art manager oversees art projects that appear in books, cartoons, classifieds, blogs, brochures, books advertisements the design development that usually appear in motion pictures, magazines or newspapers, websites and professional journals, among others. They decide how to present photographs, animations, graphics and other artwork to target audience. The art manager performs research, analyzes target markets and considers the artistic requirements of clients. Most art managers are also the ones who hire, train and supervise artists, animators or cartoonists, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers or other employees within the department. They also show proper work etiquette and professional approach on all challenges to encourage the artists, illustrator and designers in new and upcoming projects that would seem to intimidate them.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an art manager, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or a related field. Some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree in fine arts or business administration. Useful courses in this field include art history, advertising, behavioral psychology, animation, computer-assisted design, photography, graphic design, printing, personnel management, sales, advertising, marketing, and mass communications. Art managers usually begin their careers are designers, illustrators or other types of artists and gain first-hand industry experience. After several years of working, they are promoted into this managerial position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful art manager, one must possess excellent conceptual skills, effective written and verbal communication skills, management expertise and leadership skills, multi-tasking and organizational skills, problem-solving and analytical skills as well as good people skills to be able to handle a team of highly individualistic employees. Being an art manager takes a lot of patience, keen perception and a sound mind to enlighten the art manager in all decision making.

Working Conditions

Typically an Art manager spend a lot of time inside the office, he renders 40 to 50 long hours, 5 to 6 days a week, especially when they have projects. Maintaining a comfortable working zone for the benefit of all the artists, designers and illustrators that the art manager is overseeing using his excellent people skills is well expected from him.


Since overtime work to meet deadlines is necessary in this field of work, the compensation of art managers will depend on it. The salary of an art manager is around $88,500 annually, with the lowest 10% earning $40,700 and the highest 10% taking home up to $155,000.

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