Detail-Oriented Bank Account Manager Job Description


A bank account manager usually deals in new accounts and customer inquiries. She is the one to talk to regarding all financial matters relating to bank offerings and services. Also called an account representative, may be assigned to work with sales, customer support, accounting or other duties required in the bank.


A bank account manager entertains both existing and potential clients, answering questions about various banking products and explaining the types of accounts the bank offers. Should a new client decides to join the bank, the bank account manager will be the one to set up new accounts, answer any questions with the account, and resolve possible problems related to individual accounts. Since he/she deals with everything related to bank accounts, this type of manager serves as a client’s main contact in the branch. Aside from dealing with accounts of bank customers, the bank account manager also helps in selling bank services. Since the manager must be aware of the accounts he/she is handling, the bank account manager can also study these accounts and find out which clients would need other bank services, such as home or car loans, mortgage, time deposits, investments and other financial needs. She is in charge of credit card applications, explaining car and home loan procedures, assists applicants on their loan applications. She may handle special accounts like time deposits. She guides and recommends customers on what particular time deposit plan would be appropriate for them.

Education and Training Requirements

A four-year college degree with emphasis in business or finance preferred. Smaller banks may accept candidates with a two-year degree. However, it is important that the bank account manager possess at least two years of experience in the banking industry.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A good bank account manager needs to have good communication skills, is presentable, kind, approachable, have good people and good computer skills as well. He/she must also have strong customer service skills, knowledge of banking products and investments, and the ability to lead other bank account specialists.

Working Conditions

The work is in an air-conditioned, moderately quiet bank environment. Work schedule is a regular 40-hour week schedule. The job entails interacting with people.


A bank account manager makes an average $52,000 annually. Smaller banks may offer lower compensation, while bigger banks may provide a higher rate. Other factors that might affect the salary of bank account managers include personal experience, benefits or commissions, and location of bank assigned, among others.

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