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Experienced Bank Branch Manager Job Description


A bank branch manager is responsible for all the daily activities of a bank branch. His ultimate role is to ensure the success of his/her respective branch by providing excellent banking services for its customers. Bank branch managers also ensure that clients maintain the deposit base growing and determine ways and promotions to improve the profitability and productivity of a bank branch.


A bank branch manager brings new customers in order to boost bank’s profits; sets targets and goals for the bank branch and makes sure they are met. He/she interviews, hires and let off bank employees; trains staff and ensures that the branch under his/her supervision maintains high service standards. Bank branch managers deal with customer complaints; create and analyze management information and reports for top management; as well as work closely with local chambers of commerce and development agencies. They maintain working relationships with accountants, solicitors and real estate agents; and makes sure that the bank branch adheres to strict regulation and laws.

Education and Training Requirements

A bank branch manager’s minimum education requirement is a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent in courses like financial services management, corporate banking or the like. Most bank employers require aspiring bank branch managers to have at least two years of experience in a managerial position or from a similar field. On-the-job training may also come as an advantage.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A bank branch manager must possess strong leadership skills. He must be able to multi-task, as handling different situations at a time is common in his line of work. He must be a problem-solver and must be able to think and act quickly when the need arises. The bank branch manager must be also be goal-oriented and have the branch’s best interest always on mind. He must have excellent communication skills and must be able to deal with customers with confidentiality and tact.

Working Conditions

Bank branch managers work on weekdays, typically from nine to five or during banking hours. Some branches may even need to work during Saturday mornings. Typical work settings will revolve around private offices, conference meetings with customers and clients as well as top management meetings. Bank branch managers that handle a number of different branches at the same time are expected to travel to and from such banks. Formal business attire is required at all times.


The average annual salary of a bank branch manager is $41,000. Bank branch managers may also include incentive-based bonuses depending on the bank of the employee. Other benefits may include subsidized mortgages, loans, shares, pension and insurance.

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