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Reliable Payroll Accountant Job Description


A payroll accountant is in charge of handling a company’s payroll. Working under the accounting department, payroll accountants settle all valid payables of an employee including tax responsibilities and ensure every employee in the company receives their respective salaries on time.


The main duty of a payroll accountant is to ensure that every employee receives the correct amount of salaries on time during paydays. Since payroll accountants have the highest authority among other payroll employees, they keep all related payroll accounts available for the employees, modify personal accounts of employees, and maintain payroll diaries to make sure the payments are well distributed. Payroll accountants also oversee tasks of other employees within their department to ensure that everyone implements proper procedures based on company policies and state laws. These accountants also serve as the link between the government’s labor department and the company since they are responsible for submitting reports and documents.

Education and Training Requirements:

To be a payroll accountant, one must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. A well-experienced employee in the field of business and finance with several years of experience in the industry has an advantage to acquire the job. Some employers also consider applicants with certification in the related area of accounting and finance.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

The major strength of payroll accountants is in their mathematical skills. They must possess a strong system skill. Payroll accountants are expected to be well organized. They are outstanding in handling coordination and are good communicators. Finally, they must be knowledgeable in the status of taxing fees implemented by the government.

Working Conditions:

The payroll accountants work in a clean and a peaceful office. They closely work with other accountants in their department. Payroll accountants work in front of the computer most of the day. They do administrative work such as filing and creating documents for each employee of a company. They are required to work forty hours in a week while there are days that they need to extend beyond working hours depending on the demand of work during the day.


The compensation of a payroll accountant may vary to the location and the type of the company. They may receive up to $50,000 in a year. This may include benefits such as life plans, health care, paid leaves and vacations. Payroll accountants who are well experienced in the field have an opportunity to receive beyond the said basic annual pay.

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