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Strategic Vice President of Operations Job Description


Vice Presidents of Operations are individuals who oversee and manage the business. They see it that the operation of the company is at its fullest using the use of few resources. They use and think of strategic methods to improve processes leading to the success of the company. They provide guidelines in operation to ensure maximum success.


Vice President of Operations provides helpful programs that would help attain growth and profit for the business. Directions and structures are given in operating units. To be able to create higher ROI and optimization of work flow, they implement better procedures and management methods. They generate strategies and policies associated with the goals of the organization. They give guidance and mentor their subordinates and other staff. They abide to the rules or direction given by the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors. They supervise organization operation through coordination and directing activities which are consistent with established policies, goals and objectives. They work with wide variety of departments in the company.

Education and Training Requirements:

Vice President of Operations is a graduate of any related Bachelor’s degree. It is preferable that they take or have an MBA or a Masters degree. They should have years of experience in other management positions. They have the ability to lead and be an effective leader. They can participate in managerial training offer by the Certified Professional Managers.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Vice President of Operations has superb oral and written communication skills. They are able to inspire and keep effective working relationship with employee and partners. To accomplish goals, they rely on work experience and planned judgement. They are effective in reaching company goal by being creative. They demonstrate leadership skills and management skills.

Working Conditions:

Vice Presidents of Operations work in offices. They usually work with computers and office equipments. They have their own office room and sometimes they also need assistants or secretaries. They work from 8am to 5pm, Mondays thru Fridays. It is also required to do moderate travels from time to time.


A Vice President of Operations may receive an average pay of $70,000. The amount of salary of a Vice President of Operations may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others, like a pharmacy technician may receive a pay amounting to $28,000 annually.

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