Experienced Flash Developer Job Description

The job of a Flash Developer involves studying Adobe’s Flash program and using this knowledge to design, develop, test and evaluate programs and applications using Flash, Flex, ActionScript 2.0 and other Flash applications for web or applications.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree, MBA or a higher degree. He/she must be proficient in using Flash CS3/CS4, Actionscript 3.0, Flex 3, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, JavaScript, SQL and XML, PHP, .NET, ECLIPSE, AIR, ASP, social media solutions, mobile applications and graphic design tools, among other technical skills.


Proven track record in programming, knowledge of Flash design principles, business management, entrepreneurial and sales skills, written and verbal communication skills, excellent customer service skills, as well as leadership and collaboration skills. He/she must also be creative, detail-oriented, highly organized and a hunger to learn continuing developments in the field.

Specific work elements

Using Flash Builder to build Flash assets from existing Flash files or from scratch; writing and cleaning scalable ActionScript code; working with other developers to develop ideas and execute them using Flash; developing Flash interactive maps, tools, banners and web sites; managing project timelines and budget; as well as developing and testing software and systems using flex/flash, among others.

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