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Skilled Carpenter Job Description


Carpenters are considered the largest group of construction trade workers. Carpenters can be found in construction sites such as houses, factories, building and other woodworking shops. Carpenters layout, saw, and fasten wood to build doors, cabinets, houses or even buildings. They construct and finish structures, regardless of how big or small the project is. Carpenters base their construction on the instructions of architects and engineers.


Some of the basic responsibilities of a carpenter include creating the foundation of a house, creating an outline for the construction of a specific structure and drawing layouts based on blueprints. Carpenters also determine the materials required for the construction. Building the framework of a structure as well as the windows and doorframes are included in the tasks of a carpenter. Besides constructing, carpenters also repair broken structures, such as roofs, floors, windows, drawers, and many more. Carpenters assist architects and engineers if they require some help regarding the building of a certain structure as well as training other employees related to his line of work.

Education and Training Requirements

Employers prefer their carpenters with high school diploma, although it is not necessary. If one wants to pursue a career in carpentry, he should start taking courses in woodworking, mathematics and mechanical drawing as early as high school. Perhaps the best possible way to be a carpenter is to complete the apprenticeship program provided by the Union-Contractor. Candidates should be at least 17 years old and should pass interviews and written examination to qualify for the program. The program lasts about 3-4 years that involves a combination of classroom studies and on-the-job training about reading blueprints, basic framing systems and structural design.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A good carpenter has manual dexterity along with the ability to visualize how things will look when assembled. Simple knowledge in mathematics will also come in handy on the job. A carpenter’s job requires carrying some construction materials and tools, so strength and good health is necessary. Some of the basic traits of a carpenter include the knowledge in construction, remodeling, construction procedures, tools, specifications, materials, quality control, safety and cost control. A good carpenter needs good communication skills especially when taking instructions from architects and engineers.

Working Conditions

Carpenters usually work on construction sites. The weather play a big role on their profession because weather conditions like winter and storms can keeps them from working. Carpenters must be conscious about the danger that comes with their line of work.


The average salary of a carpenter is about $17 per hour. Normally, union pay more compared to nonunion labor.

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