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Experienced Day Spa Manager Job Description


A day spa manager provides managerial service and organization for the daily operation of a Spa. They are in charge to oversee and supervised the spa staff. They are the ones in charge in implementing the rules and policies. Spa managers are also responsible in scheduling, payroll distribution and inventory of materials/ products.


A day spa manager are responsible for keeping track of all the spa services/ products and operations, overseeing the even flow of activities in the spa like reservations and appointments, inventory, etc; and making sure that the environment is kept clean all the time. Day spa managers are also the ones to hire new staff, plan and execute trainings for apprentices and new hires, provide evaluation for every spa worker and set meetings to identify concerns that needs improvement. Day spa managers also set standards and implement new types of services in the spa; and they develop more spa/ salon treatments that they can offer to their clients.

Education and Training Requirements

There are no formal educational studies required to be a day spa manager, but companies prefer aspiring managers with a bachelor’s degree in management. There are also trainings available for various types of cosmetology and beauty tests. Licence and certification are acquired through these kinds of trainings.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An aspiring day spa manager must possess a strong foundation in managerial skills. They have excellent communications skills both oral and written. Day spa managers are good leaders and influential. They must be knowledgeable in different types of cosmetics and beauty products used in a spa. They are expected to be systematic, organized and administrative. Day spa managers are to be neat and clean because there are times that they need to face clients and customers. They are keen in details and are good in customer service. They are expected to have the ability to motivate staff and workers.

Working Conditions

A day spa manager is to work in the Spa salon. Their job have regular working schedule. Depending on the company, they may come to work on weekdays or weekends. They work forty hours in a week. Varying to the demand of tasks, day spa managers may also work beyond basic working hours.


The basic salary a day spa manager may receive annually is $30,000. This may vary depending on the size, type and location of spa shop or company. This basic annual pay is inclusive of benefits such as health care, life plans and paid vacations.

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