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Bakery production managers supervise the production and sales of the bakery. Their role is very important in the store since they are the ones who check all baked goods for quality before selling it to the customers. They also take charge of the quality control, date of stocks and production rotation.


Bakery production managers use their skills by scheduling manager personnel according to the company’s policies. He manages the performances in plant Research and Development. The bakery production manager ensures that materials are on hand and coordinates with different departments. He recommends ways to reduce cost and oversee manufacturing cost. He supervises the preparation of the manufacture of products in a manner that will guarantee sensible delivery of the freshest bakery products. He direct the ways of worker training in the areas of safety, job functions and practices of manufacturing. The bakery production manager constantly observes and analyzes creation and Quality records to certify compliance with Company policies and product specifications. To ensure delivery of all products to be on time, they coordinate with shipping of goods.

Education and Training Requirements

Bakery Production Manager must have work experience in bakery. They should have knowledge of the Bakery ingredients and formulations. They should be able to apply managerial skills. They should understand the proper procedures during productions. An individual can obtain Industrial management courses so they can study more about the ideology of production management and improve their skills.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A Bakery Production Manager knows how to handle all baked goods for packaging and presentation properly before sending goods off to the customer. He pays attention to details, communicates with client’s needs clearly, has the ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure. Bakery production managers should also be organized, people-oriented, independent, creative, and has the ability to lead a team of workers.

Working Conditions

A Bakery Production Manager works in a bakery. Since they are in production, they may work late at nights or early mornings to be able to facilitate production of goods. Sometime, you need to work overtime in order to meet deadlines. They are constantly exposed to both quiet and pleasant, or noisy and dirty type of environment.


A Bakery Production Manager may receive an average pay of $42,000, but can be as low as $16,000 if they handle one aspect of the bakery, such as cake decoration. The compensation amount would also vary depending on the size of the bakery, individual experience, company benefits and other factors.

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