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Exceptional Fast Food Manager Job Description


The job of a fast food manager involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of a fast food joint. One can never expect what will happen in a day and nothing is predictable for a fast food manager. They can deal with various situations, such as handling customer complaints or accidents. Aside from handling operations, a fast food manager also performs marketing tasks, accounting-related duties, customer service supervision and even tasks of fast food crew, if necessary.


The main job of a fast food manager is to oversee all aspects of management in a fast food chain. These managers are also in charge of handling the store’s finances, which include budgets, sale goals, or promotions. Fast food managers also hire, schedule work hours, instruct employees and train assistant managers. In small fast food chains, the manager is also in charge with the payroll of employees and other administrative tasks. In larger companies, these managers only oversee food preparations, serving and customer service. In some instances, fast food managers may also help his/her crew cook food, prepare food, handle the cash register or take care of take-outs, particularly when according to the size and demands of the food chain. Fast food managers make sure employees are giving excellent service to its customers.

Education and Training Requirements

Most fast food managers have not acquired a bachelor’s degree, but had trainings for at least two to four years in food services. Although many fast food chains hire fast food managers with hands-on work experience, candidates with a bachelor’s degree in business or management are also considered for the job. Most of the time, fast food managers obtain their positions after promotions.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A fast food manager is expected to be an excellent leader. He/she must have the ability to work under pressure and multi-task at the same time. Fast food managers must also be able to train young and enthusiastic individuals. They must be friendly and welcoming to people at all times because their work involves a lot of customer service.

Working Conditions

The working schedule of a fast food manager may change through shifting. They are required to work mornings or evenings, weekdays to weekend and even on holidays depending on the schedule given to them. Fast food managers are sometimes required to work beyond their basic working hours because of the demand of work.


The salary of a fast food manager may depend on the type, size and location of the fast food chain. Aside from the basic salary of $38,000 a year, they may also receive benefits and other incentives.

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