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Efficient Kitchen Manager Job Description


A kitchen manager is responsible for overseeing all kitchen duties done on a daily basis. This includes food preparation, cooking and safety sanitary operations that comply with the law and health standards. Kitchen managers handle a group of chefs, janitors and other employees that work in a kitchen and make sure they are doing their jobs efficiently.


One of the many duties of a kitchen manager is disseminating tasks, goals and objectives of the kitchen to the staff on a daily basis. They also train their staff to perform various assignments and handle the equipment. Kitchen managers make a checklist of the staff and their duties, ensure food preparation is done in a proper, sanitary way and make sure that the chefs follow instructions that comply with those of the restaurant they are working in. Other tasks of a kitchen manager include making sure the food they serve is high quality, as well as implementing sanitary procedures in the kitchen, the eating area and all the surrounding areas. Kitchen managers also handle inventory, making sure that all ingredients are stocked and still good for cooking (not spoiled or expired). In small establishments, a kitchen manager may also deal with the clients and customers. They will need to make sure that the staff complies with clients’ requests during events like birthday parties, family gatherings and office events.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become a kitchen manager, one must acquire a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management. Postgraduates are preferred. They must have background courses in management and related fields. They also must have prior experience in the kitchen of at least 2 years. Someone with a culinary background, both a degree and experience usually has an advantage over other candidates.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To become a successful kitchen manager, one must be a team player who is responsible and driven. He/she must be able to look after a group of people who work on cooking, serving and cleaning. Accuracy and knowledge of safety and sanitary laws are important as well.

Working Conditions:

Kitchen managers work long hours, more than 50 hours a week. They may work about 12-15 hours a day, every day. This is because they are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. They are usually found in schools, offices, hospitals and other places with cafeterias. Of course, most of them work in restaurants.


The average salary for a kitchen manager is $34,000 annually, but this amount may change depending on the industry of establishment (school, restaurant, etc) and location. It also differs per company and individual experience.

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