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Proactive Call Center Floor Manager Job Description


Call center floor managers oversee the call center staff. They are responsible for managing call center operations and make sure that customer service and support are properly given. They provide management support to the general manager and report all activities to him.


Call center floor managers are responsible for the work quality of all call center agents. They enforce proper service protocols and standard operating procedures for all agents. They review all call center documentation and work with the recruitment staff to coordinate new hire and training. They ensure that all agents are performing at or above par. They formulate ways to drive issues in client relations down to a minimum; ensure compliance for quality assurance feedbacks and communication logs. Call center floor managers enforce disciplinary actions for noncompliance of SOPs and protocols for erring agents; monitor AHT (average handle time) or client-agent interaction time and address performance issues. They respond to call center issues with urgency and immediacy; manage and coach a team of agents and conduct performance evaluations. Call center floor managers set call center department goals, adhere, and enforce departmental policies and procedures. They identify challenges, formulate solutions, and implement them in order to reach successful conclusions. Call center floor managers handle escalated customer calls from call center agents and supervisors; manage call center employee issues with recruitment or human resources and ensure that all personnel files are up to date and cataloged. Call center floor managers provide expertise and guidance to the new call center recruits in the transition from classroom to floor process. They recognize and reward progress and finally, act as the initial management escalation point for issue resolution.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a call center floor manager, one must possess a High School diploma or equivalent. Sometimes, bigger companies require candidates to have a college degree or at least 3 years experience in the call center or customer service industry.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A good call center floor manager should demonstrate excellent customer service. Communication, organization, proper decision-making, analytical and multitasking skills are traits of exceptional call center floor managers. They need to be detail-oriented, adaptable and accountable for all their actions.

Working Conditions

The work is located in a cozy, well-lit cubicle or a call center setting. The noise level is quiet to moderate. The work schedule is 40-hours per week. Due to the high volume of customers, many dissatisfied, work is very stressful and demanding. Work entails walking and monitoring agent performance.


A call center floor manager makes $45,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among call center floor managers. Call center floor managers usually have the basic benefits, such as health and dental.

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