School Principal Job Description

School Principal Job Description

School principals are responsible for supervising teachers and other faculty members. Included in a job description for a school principal could be things such as evaluating progress reports and setting academic agendas for all students.

Position Description:

The school principal acts as the chief executive officer of a school, overseeing all aspects of its operation in order to meet the institution’s goal of educating children.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a School Principal

Sets objectives for students to meet, and develops a plan of action for teachers to follow in helping children achieve those benchmarks
Meets with the school superintendant and school board members in order to discuss and develop policies and procedures
Ensures that operating expenses do not exceed the allocated budget
Coordinates the duties of workers inside the school to ensure all operations flow seamlessly
Develops objectives for extra-curricular activities to include the sports program
Evaluates student progress in order to determine whether an educational plan is being effective. Makes modifications to the plan as needed
Interviews new faculty and teachers and assigns them their individual roles once hired
Coordinates community activities that take place on school property

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Possesses strong leadership skills, and has the ability to supervise others
Has excellent verbal and written communications skills, to include proficiency in public speaking
Is able to foster a team spirit so that everyone works toward a common goal
Able to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently
Is unafraid to discipline students or teachers whenever the need arises
Understands the laws of a particular community as they relate to education

Education and Experience

Before becoming a school principal, individuals will need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in education, followed by a teaching certificate for that particular state. After working as a teacher for five to ten years, one can then apply for a position as a school principal. Having a Master’s degree or doctorate in education can give one candidate an edge over another who has only a four-year degree.

Work Environment

School principals perform their duties inside educational facilities, where time will be divided between their office, classrooms, and other areas of the institution. As a result, a normal workday could involve a combination of sitting, standing and walking. Principals normally work day shift on weekdays, with the exception of major holidays and a week or two near Christmas. They normally work year round whenever a particular institution also holds summer school; otherwise, they may have two months off during this season.


The average salary for a school principal in the United States is around $86,970 per year. Principals are paid year round, even when school is not in session, and in order to do this, salary is pro-rated. This means that the annual salary is divided by the number of pay periods in a given year, and then that amount is issued as scheduled. As a result, principals do not have to worry about going without pay during Christmas or summer breaks.

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