Seasoned Floor Manager Job Description


Floor managers play a very important role in a television production. Their work starts in a studio where they shoot and record a television show or broadcast live. Their role is to make sure the smooth flow of the program while it is being shot or broadcasted on TV. The floor manager connects the relationship between the director, talents and its audience.


The floor manager oversees everything that happens before and during a show. Before the show starts, a floor manager checks all the requirements, such as the set, lights, cameras, idiot boards, etc. and if they are set up and ready for filming. Floor managers are also responsible for briefing talents, hosts or audience on what will happen during the show, assign cameras for various scenes, and check if all equipments are working especially microphones, lights, etc during the show. Floor managers answer to the call and direction of the director through a communication headset and relay it to the people involved on the show, such as the talents, camera operators and audience.

Education and Training Requirements

To be considered for this position, one must obtain a degree in the film and theatre productions and other related media courses. Most of the trainings acquired by a floor manager happen on the job, particularly from previous work experience in a TV or film production.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A floor manager is expected to possess a high level of confidence and knowledge in floor managing. They must have an excellent PR skills, interpersonal skills and oral communication skills. They should understand the hierarchy of responsibilities in a television production. A floor manager must know the different types of equipment and determine which ones work effectively on the screen. They should also have knowledge in lighting and set design.

Working Conditions

The working schedule of a floor manager is extremely flexible. They can work morning or night shifts depending on the show they are assigned in. In some cases, floor managers may need to work longer hours (even on weekends or holidays) than a typical office-based employee does. Sometimes, floor managers are assigned to work on a location besides in the studio.


The salary of a floor manager depends on their previous work experiences and trainings. It will also vary based on some factors such as size and location of a company. The estimate floor manager salary is $50,000 yearly. Full-time floor managers usually receive benefits such as health care, dental, life plan, pension, paid vacation.

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