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Experienced Yoga Instructor Job Description


A yoga instructor explains and teaches the movements and principles of yoga. He or she is knowledgeable about “asana” or the postures of yoga, as well as the relaxation and the breathing techniques. The yoga instructor may do on-call service with private clients about their health choices and lifestyle. A yoga instructor also develops the class routines, as well as the class format to maximize his or her student’s fitness benefits.


The main responsibility of a yoga instructor is to teach his or her class yoga postures and advices them regarding their lifestyle issues like mind control and diet. They perform in front of a class or with a private client as they copy every movements and postures. A yoga instructor also studies the physical limitations of their students to effectively assign appropriate exercises for them. The main goal of a Yoga instructor is to motivate their students in living as healthy as possible.

Education and Training Requirements:

Candidates should have at least a high school diploma before qualifying in becoming a yoga instructor. For one to become a yoga instructor, he or she must train under a registered professional by the Yoga Alliance. The yoga program is consisting of a 200 hour and 500 hour training. You should create your training routines in accordance to the rules of the Yoga Alliance to be a certified yoga instructor. While a college degree is not always required to be a yoga instructor, you will have great chances of succeeding in the field especially when you finished courses like psychology, anatomy and physical education.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Perhaps the main quality a yoga instructor has is being physically fit and flexible. There is a list of qualities set by the American Yoga Association, such as being a vegetarian and moral etiquette. Yoga instructors must always be calm and exude a positive energy during sessions.

Working Conditions:

Yoga instructors work in a pleasant and quiet environment. They may sometime have to travel if they are offering private services. There are more self-employed yoga instructors due to a more time flexibility. Yoga instructors working in fitness centers normally work in evenings and weekend where normal clients find time.


Yoga instructors normally charge each client $10 – $30 for a group class. They charge private clients $50 – $100 an hour. Yoga instructors employed by fitness centers usually receives $50,000 annually. They also get big discounts on products sold by their employers such as clothing, shoes and equipment.

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