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Competent Bartender Manager Job Description


A bartender manager is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that all operations of the bar run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Hotels, restaurants or even privately owned bars may employ bartender managers. They are in charge of providing quality service, overseeing food and beverage preparations, as well as supervising bar staff.


A bartender manager coordinates with HR manager regarding recruitment needs, assists in interviewing, hiring, training and firing bartending staff, holds regular meetings with staff, and communicates with assistant bar manager about assigned tasks and responsibilities as well as sales targets. The bartender manager also informs staff about unavailable products and drinks, maintains and implements work procedures to ensure efficiency, orders supplies when necessary and perform cash-up procedures after very shift. Bartender managers also update staff members regarding new laws about the sale of liquor and tobacco, monitor daily stocks, perform price checks; review inventory; implement and control all bar procedures and practices; handle waste disposal; and established physical presence at the bar.

Education and Training Requirements

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement of a bartender manager. Those with several years of experience working in a food and beverage facility or establishment are what most employers prefer. Management and supervisory experience may also serve as an advantage. Some prestigious restaurants or bars may require bartender managers to possess a degree in hospitality management or a completion of a vocational course in bartending.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Providing excellent customer service skills should be the heart of a bartender manager. He must also possess strong interpersonal skills and communication skills. He must possess leadership skills in order to be an efficient manager. Basic computer skills are also necessary. He must be willing to be part of a team as well as be comfortable working alone. Most importantly, the bar manager should be at least 21 years old who maintains a clean and presentable appearance at work.

Working Conditions

Bartender managers work a standard 40 hours a week. Their work schedules are usually during night and weekends. Handling inventory may require some heavy lifting and carrying as needed. They are often on their feet ensuring all operations are working properly and efficiently inside the bar. They also engage in friendly conversations all throughout their shift. Bartender managers who work in clubs may be exposed to extreme levels of music and noise, but the more laid back bars may be a more sophisticated and relaxing environment for a bartender manager.


The average annual salary of a bartender manager is $71,000. Earnings may significantly increase based on the location, size and industry of the bar he is employed in, as well as the bartender manager’s experience and educational attainment.

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