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Experienced Assistant Hotel Manager Job Description


The job of an assistant hotel manager is to help the hotel manager complete all activities related to the operations of a hotel, ensuring the establishment works as smoothly as possible. Assistant hotel managers are in charge of supervising the smaller departments or various divisions in the hotel. They can be assigned to the different areas of the hotel, such as food and beverages, casino, and maintenance, among others.


Assistant hotel managers are in charge of overseeing all the events, activities and operations in a hotel. They make all the necessary decisions needed in their assigned division and ensure all hotel rules and policies are implemented. Assistant hotel managers monitor the tasks of personnel and workers, set goals and plans to promote and improve the service of their department; and are tasked to give schedules and assignment to each worker. They handle client’s complaints and compliments about their department; and make sure that events are well organized. Sometimes, assistant hotel managers also welcome guests and customers as they enter the hotel. They assist the hotel manager in ensuring the security of their guests and the entire hotel or hotel department.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an assistant hotel manager, one must acquire a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management or hospitality management. Some companies would also consider a graduate of communications and business management. Aspiring assistant hotel managers with previous hotel experience and trainings have an advantage over other candidates.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An assistant hotel manager must be very organized, systematic, patient, motivated, confident and a hard worker. He/she must possess excellent written and oral communication skills, strong leadership skills, analytical and problem solving skills, good customer service skills and multi-tasking skills. The assistant hotel manager should work well under pressure, even with minimal supervision. He/she should also be able to work independently or as part of a large team.

Working Conditions

Assistant hotel managers work in different time shifts, depending on the size and staff availability of the hotel. Depending on their work schedule, assistant hotel managers may be assigned to work on weekdays, weekends and even holidays. They are required to wear presentable suits/attire.


An assistant hotel manager may have an annual basic salary of $40,000. This may vary on the location and size of the hotel. The benefits an assistant hotel manager may receive in a year may include health care, life plans, paid leaves.

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