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Expert Inventory Control Specialist Job Description

The inventory control specialist job description requires an individual who can pay very close attention to detail in order to effectively manage his or her employer’s inventory. He or she may be employed in a large warehouse or in a smaller retail location. They also work for pharmaceutical, chemical and other companies.

Position Description

The inventory control specialist has the primary responsibility of increasing and maintaining company profitability by maintaining accurate inventory levels; the candidate also ensures that optimal inventory is present and ready for use.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Inventory Control Specialist

  • Develops and implements procedures for ensuring that adequate inventory levels are present.
  • Identifies and optimizes common inventory items.
  • Comes up with ways to dispose of or sell obsolete items in the inventory.
  • Works with other teams including sales, shipping and purchasing.
  • Ensures that inventory counts are completed regularly and in a timely manner.
  • Audits the facility’s entire inventory on a regular basis and provides reports to management.
  • Trains other employees in cycle counting and inventory control.
  • Files claims with manufacturers or sellers when defective goods are found in the inventory.
  • Instructs others on how and where to return defective goods.
  • Keeps a particular area for returned goods tidy and clean.
  • Keeps up with changing technologies such as computer software in order to remain valuable to his or her employer.
  • Follows all existing company policies and procedures.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrates the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and solve problems immediately.
  • Shows the ability to work well under pressure, such as when inventory deliveries or shipments become late or forgotten.
  • Possesses effective written and verbal communication skills; displays reading comprehension skills.
  • Exhibits the ability to work well with others and maintain organization between cross-related departments.
  • Displays the ability to multitask and handle multiple issues at the same time without stress.

Education and Experience

There is no formal education, certification or licensure necessary to work as an inventory control specialist outside of a high school diploma or GED. An Associate’s degree in business management is often preferred, however. Employers also prefer candidates who have had at least one to two years’ experience in wholesale distribution and warehousing, and those who are familiar with the products in the inventory often have the best opportunities. In very large warehouses, a Bachelor’s degree in a business field may be required.

Work Environment

The work environment of an inventory control specialist varies quite a bit based upon the employer. While some may work in climatecontrolled environments, others may spend most of their time in extremely hot or cold warehouses. Depending upon the products being stored in the warehouse, regular heavy lifting may be required. In almost all cases, inventory control specialists will spend a lot of time on their feet walking around the warehouse and taking count of the stock.


The average inventory control specialist salary is about $33,000 nationwide. Those who work for large companies, who have plenty of experience, who work with potentially hazardous materials or whose jobs are physically demanding earn the most. Conversely, those working in small retail locations that only have to keep track of a small stockroom will usually earn the lowest salaries.

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