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Professional Janitorial Manager Job Description


Janitorial Managers oversee the work of everyone in the janitorial department. Regardless of company size, janitorial managers ensure the entire janitorial staff is doing their job effectively. They oversee cleaning duties and ensure the office or establishment is clean and sanitary.


Janitorial Managers are those who oversee and supervise the work of janitors, custodians and housekeeping personnel. They plan staff’s schedule and keep track of their attendance. They also create checklists that we sometimes see in the bathrooms of hotels, offices and malls, which are made up of duties to be done daily. Janitorial managers also coordinate all staff activities, train newly hired staff of their duties, responsibilities, and how to use the equipment or machines designed for cleaning and sanitation. In small organizations like a school or a small office, the janitorial manager may also perform some of the tasks that a janitor does, such as taking out the trash, sweeping the floors or cleaning bathrooms. They are also responsible for reporting broken equipments, buying cleaning tools, and keeping supplies in stock.

Education and Training Requirements:

A janitorial managers usually start out as janitors and move up the ranks over time. They don’t necessarily have to hold a degree, but they must prove themselves worthy of handling a larger responsibility and leading a group of people.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To become a successful janitorial manager, one must know how to converse well, as well as have good written skills. Employers usually look for someone with good leadership skills that is personable, who can get along well with the other staff. They also need hardworking people who they know are responsible, and they can depend on. Other useful skills of janitorial managers is the knowledge of various cleaning equipments, the ability to multi-task and work as part of a team.

Working Conditions:

A janitorial manager usually stays in an office building or school. They usually work during nighttime or after office operations. They may need to work long hours from time to time, but usually just work the normal 8 hours a day. During days that need 24-hour cleanups, janitorial managers might work overtime with someone else taking over their shifts. They may work outdoors when needed, like a school field, or when taking out the trash.


The average salary for a janitorial manager is $35,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry type and location of establishment. It differs per company, but most companies provide higher salaries and more benefits for managers with longer years of experience.

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