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Dedicated Deputy Sheriff Job Description

Deputy Sheriff Job Description

The job description of a deputy sheriff involves assisting the sheriff, who is an elected official, with maintaining order in the jurisdiction. A deputy sheriff works directly with the public in both a law enforcement and protection capacity.

Position Description

The tasks performed by a deputy sheriff generally revolve around enforcing the law in a rural or unincorporated area, escorting defendants to and from court, serving legal documents to individuals and providing security in courtrooms.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Deputy Sheriff

  • Places suspects in protective custody.
  • Transports defendants to and from jails, courtrooms, attorneys’ offices, medical offices, hospitals and other places.
  • Patrols specific areas in order to detect law violators.
  • Issues various types of citations and makes arrests.
  • Executes arrest warrants issued by judges and other law enforcement officials and locates and transports individuals into custody.
  • Assists in managing jail operations.
  • Questions individuals entering a courthouse or courtroom to determine their business in the building.
  • Investigates suspicious or illegal behavior and activities.
  • Notifies patrol units to pick up and transport law violators into custody.
  • Directs traffic during rush hour or before and after special community events.
  • Provides assistance or medical aid to individuals in trouble.
  • Keeps daily activity logs and submits them to proper authorities.
  • Serves summons, subpoenas and other court orders to individuals.
  • Takes charge of accident scenes to control traffic flow, help accident victims and assist in determining the cause of the accident.
  • Provides security in courtrooms and grand jury rooms.
  • Locates and confiscates property as the court directs.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrates exceptional judgment and decision making skills.
  • Shows the ability to be an active listener.
  • Has strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Exhibits superior critical thinking skills and has strong social perceptiveness abilities.
  • Possesses excellent reading comprehension skills.
  • Displays strong organizational and reasoning abilities.
  • Has good near vision and exceptional hand-eye coordination.
  • Possesses knowledge of laws and government regulations in the area.
  • Demonstrates excellent technological skills and is mechanically inclined.
  • Has knowledge of how to operate, clean and properly maintain a firearm.
  • Displays the ability to operate equipment associated with the job.
  • Exhibits excellent conflict resolution skills.
  • Possesses a valid driver’s license.

Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma.
  • Associate’s degree in criminal justice.
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology or criminal justice.
  • Training required by the local Sheriff’s Department.
  • Certification required by state, county or local jurisdiction.

Work Environment

  • Works varying shifts.
  • Spends a considerable amount of time in a vehicle.
  • Carries a firearm and may have to discharge it in the line of duty.
  • Processes a large amount of paperwork each day.
  • Works with the general public on a regular basis.
  • Faces dangerous situations from time to time when apprehending suspects.
  • Spends part of most days at the local jail.
  • Wears uniform at all times during work hours.
  • Works in extremely hot or extremely cold conditions at times.
  • Spends time standing and walking around.


  • The salary of a deputy sheriff can range from $30,000 to $90,000 depending on years of experience, education, daily responsibilities and location of the department.

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