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Experienced Distribution Manager Job Description


Distribution managers supervise the shipping and transport of goods from their point of location to different places where they will be sold and used. Companies that are into retailing and selling usually have several distribution managers as part of the daily operations. They schedule and make necessary arrangements about how and when the products will be transported.


The main duty of a distribution manager is to oversee the over-all cost and quantity of products that will be distributed. They are in charge of implementing systems and plans of the institution, analyzing data to improve execution of work, distributing tasks and managing schedule of workers. Distribution managers are also responsible in handling the financial budget, settling all needs in the supplies, negotiating with customers, and implementing all the policies and rules of the company. They also develop solutions and analyze problems for the growth of the business entity, negotiate with partners or company representatives, evaluate necessary inventories or costs and reduce costs through market research or other means. Distribution managers also ensure the safety, security and health of every transport worker.

Education and Training Requirements

To acquire the position as a distribution manager, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in Administration or business management. Like most managerial positions, candidates with experienced as distribution managers are preferred for this job. Those with a master’s degree are given more opportunities and receive better compensation.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A distribution manager must possess excellent management and organizational skills. They must be good leaders and are practice equality at work. An aspiring distribution manager must have an outstanding interpersonal relation and communication skills. Verbal and written communication is very important in this job. They are confident and have the ability to identify which duties should be given to every employee. Distribution managers have good knowledge in computers and software. Lastly, they possess an outstanding problem solving skills.

Working Conditions

The working environment of a distribution manager may depend on the size of the company. With huge companies, they are expected to work more in the offices and attend meetings. In small companies, they are more focused in overseeing in employees and activities in the warehouse. Their working hours may vary largely to the volume of workload.


Distribution managers may earn as much as $60,000 in a year. This may vary and depend in different factors such as size, type and location of the company. Their basic annual compensation may include various benefits such as health care, life plans and paid vacations.

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