Ambitious Associate Brand Manager Job Description


An associate brand manager is responsible for building and maintaining a brand/product for a company. He/she assists the brand manager in all activities related to the brand.


Duties and responsibilities of an associate brand manager include devising market strategies for the brand, creating a positive image for the brand and participating in the development of ad campaigns. Associate brand managers coordinate with the creative department, look into the budget of the brand, formulate the brand’s long-term strategy and evaluate the product positioning of the brand. They may also help in defining prices and packaging of the brand, as well as developing promotional activities and strategies for the brand. Associate brand managers become accountable for the brand’s profit and market share. They closely monitor competitive activity and media activity; and coordinate with brand management as well as its internal and external resources regarding cost reduction projects.

Education and Training Requirements

An associate brand manager is required to have a bachelor’s degree specifically in marketing, advertising or a business related subject. An MBA is preferred by most employers. Several years of experience in marketing, advertising, sales management or brand management are desirable as well. Being an associate brand manager will serve as a good training ground for aspiring brand managers or executives.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An associate brand manager must demonstrate exceptional leadership and management skills. Although he is directly under the supervision of the brand manager, he must be familiar with all activities related to the brand and possess extensive knowledge in basic business operations. He must possess strategic thinking, analytical, problem solving and communication skills. The associate brand manager must always think creatively and be results oriented. He must be persuasive in selling his ideas and be assertive in developing the brand.

Working Conditions

Associate brand managers typical work in a dynamic and complex working environment. They work a standard 40-hour week schedule, although the occasional overtime may be needed in order to meet deadlines required of them. They usually work in a clean and pleasant working office workplace. Travel may sometimes be necessary when meeting with clients or attending industry events. Brand management usually involves high levels of competition between other brands, which means that pressure and stress will be a huge part of the job.


The median annual salary of an associate brand manager is $53,000. Factors such as the size, industry and location of the company he is working for can significantly differ this rate. The educational attainment as well as the experience of an associate brand manager may also contribute to the increase of his earnings. Other companies may also provide benefits and compensations to their employees.

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