Expert Brand Development Manager Job Description


A Brand Development Manager works for all aspects of an organization’s daily business. This covers sales, marketing, brand development, and dealer management. They are primarily responsible for developing highly effective marketing plans through a deep understanding of the consumer and the brand’s target market, which in turn, achieves profit and maximizes the brand’s long-term potential.


The responsibilities of a Brand Development Manager may include creating brand strategies such as positioning, scheduling, and deciding on the selling platform. They are also in charge of creating new branded items and selling initiatives, marketing the company image and positioning throughout the industry, building strong customer relationships, developing and executing customer pricing and promotions, as well as analyzing trends in the sales performance and adjusting plans accordingly in order to meet the sales target. Brand development managers also provide forecasts for branded products; create, contribute, and present sales presentations; and collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to ensure product requirements are achieved. They also assist in the development of a branded marketing plan; analyze the market and the competition to support the Brand Manager in setting a new product pricing; collaborate with a cross-functional team to reduce finished goods inventory and errors and omissions.

Education and Training Requirements

The minimum educational requirement for a Brand Development Manager position is a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, or any related field. Having at least 3 years of experience in Brand Marketing is also required, while experience in sales and advertising can be advantageous. Although a postgraduate degree is not necessary, most employers prefer candidates with a Masters in Business Administration.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A Brand Development Manager is expected to come up with innovative ideas that would set their product apart from the competition. Thus, this position requires the ability to think outside of the box. They should also have good project management, problem solving, and decision making skills; good oral and verbal communication skills, presenting skills and negotiation skills. Brand development managers should also have the ability to network and work well under pressure.

Working Conditions

Brand Development Managers usually spend most of their time in an office with a clean, well-lit and comfortable environment. The workplace is very dynamic and they work an average of 40 hours per week. Early mornings, late nights, and weekend work may be necessary to meet deadlines. Local and international travel may also be required for workshops and meetings.


The median salary of a Brand Development Manager is $64,000 per year. This varies greatly due to the prestige of the brand, the size of the company, geographical location, experience, and benefits. On top of their base salary, they normally receive a bonus whenever they meet or surpass the sales target of the brand.

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