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Expert Blood Bank Manager Job Description


A blood bank manager is accountable for the organization, management, administration and control of the blood bank. He or she regulates the operation of the entire center and makes sure that tasks are correctly done. He also heads donor recruitments.


A blood bank manager heads the entire blood bank. He or she is in charge of the daily operations at the blood bank, checking expenses, doing inspections and negotiating with third-party services. As the head of the center, the blood bank manager is also responsible for selecting, training and guiding tasks of personnel. He or she oversees and guides newly hired staff on the work they do and enforce different rules and regulations of the company. Trainings are often times given to new employees. The blood bank manager also supervises and evaluates the overall performance of the staff and makes sure that files and records are updated and properly stored. Aside from the management of blood bank staff, the blood bank manager is also responsible for developing centre programs, such as blood donation month.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a blood bank manager, one must possess a high school diploma. Larger institutions may require candidates to be a college degree holder in Business Administration or the biological sciences and at least two years of experience as a Center Assistant Manager or as supervisor in a related field. Having experience working with the community or public is advantageous too.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

As a blood bank manager, one must be good at multi-tasking as he or she is responsible for handling various tasks done at the blood collection center. He or she must be a good leader… strict and firm, but fair in handling the employees. The blood bank manager must also be friendly, approachable and creative in coming up with ideas on how to increase blood donor numbers by encouraging people to give some blood. Good communication skills are important, as the job requires interaction with people at all times.

Working Conditions

Blood bank managers are stationed at the blood bank itself, assisting with the various things to be done in the office. Hours are from 7:30 in the morning, until 4:30 in the afternoon. Attire depends on the blood bank administration.


Blood bank managers receive an annual salary of around $46,000 with benefits and insurance. This pay rate may become lower or higher, depending on the type and location of blood bank, as well as individual education and experience. Some companies also provide paid holidays, leaves and other benefits.

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