Skilled Welder Job Description


Welders work in different types of industrial, manufacturing or construction sites. Joining metal parts is the main assignment of a welder. The basic requirement in becoming a welder is training. This can be achieved at technical schools or the job. Welders are commonly needed in automobile manufacturing, construction of buildings, ships or other infrastructure and any other work that requires combining metal parts.


The basic duty of a welder is to join metal parts together. However, there are numerous procedures to accomplish the job. Perhaps the most common type of welding is spot welding. Spot welding uses melted iron rod to connect metal parts permanently. A fitter welder however, includes fabrication, assembly and repair. Welders start their job by laying out their metal parts, positioning them and securing the parts in accordance to the specified plan. There are welders who also have to do a little forklift truck driving, especially when dealing with large and heavy metal parts.

Education and Training Requirements:

Although a high school diploma is preferred, it is not a requirement to be a welder. High school courses in physics, mathematics and mechanical illustration are a big advantage in getting the job. Common welding jobs can be achieved in a short time. However, welding techniques that are more complex require huge amount of training to accomplish. There are community colleges and vocational schools offering training programs, but the real knowledge can only be learned through experience.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

An excellent welder should be able to perform basic and advance metal fabrication. Welders should also have a good hand and eye coordination to accomplish the job properly. Welders should also be physically fit as the job requires carrying heavy metal parts. An excellent skill in mathematics and physics is also a requirement to succeed in the position.

Working Conditions:

Welders normally work in well-ventilated areas due to the harmful gas produced when joining metal parts. They also wear protective clothing like gloves and helmets with specialized lenses to protect their eyes. For welders working in a construction, stooping, standing, climbing and reaching are a part of their daily routine. Welders have no definite hours of work. They usually accomplish their job according to contracts.


Normally, welders are paid in hourly basis. The starting salary of a welder is about $15 per hour. Most skilled welders have their own business and usually earn more than those under employment earn.

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