Comprehensive Labor and Delivery Nurse Job Description


A labor and delivery nurse cares for pregnant mothers from the time of labor to the delivery of the baby. Labor and delivery nurses are responsible of taking care of the mother and the baby and checking on all their needs and medications. They must acquire a degree in nursing and have license to practice their profession.


Aside from taking care of the mother and baby before and after giving birth, labor and delivery nurses give assistance to a surgeon or a doctor during delivery most especially if it is a caesarean operation. They also provide post partum assistance to the mother and child, teaches mothers on how to give care to her newly born child, discusses issues on women’s health with the patient/mother and sometimes assist in emergency conditions of pregnant women. Lastly, they are in charge of monitoring the health condition of both mother and child, ensuring the condition of the patient is free from stress.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become a Labor and delivery nurse, one must acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. They must be obtain and pass licensure, registrations and other state-required permits. Labor and delivery nurses can also specialize in a particular nursing field and acquire a certification in two years. Hospitals and other employers prefer specialized nurses or those with several years of experience.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A labor and delivery nurse is expected to have empathy and passion in taking care of babies and their mothers. They must possess a very friendly attitude. They can work effectively under time pressure and can quickly give judgments in a critical moment. Labor and delivery nurses are expected to have a healthy condition and a good physical state.

Working Conditions:

Labor and delivery nurses work in the hospitals and maternity clinics. They monitor the mothers and babies from time to time to know their condition. They work within a long hour duration standing and checking on the patients. More so, irregular working hours is required for this job. Like other types of nurses, labor and deliver nurses may be assigned to night shifts, early morning shifts and weekend work.


The salary of a Labor and delivery nurse may vary on the location and experience of the practicing nurse. Their basic annual pay may reach up to $55,000. Well experienced nurses can be paid more than the said compensation. This includes health benefits, life insurance, paid vacations and leaves.

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