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Dynamic Apartment Assistant Manager Job Description


Apartment assistant managers support apartment managers in the daily activities of maintaining facilities and making sure apartments and their facilities are managed properly. The apartment assistant manager plays an important role in tenant-landlord relationships and in improvement of the apartment units and building.


Apartment assistant managers facilitates an apartment’s manager’s job by learning how to prepare budgets and upon learning makes budgets; reads and understands insurance plans and coverage for the building; makes ads and advertises unit vacancies in the print or TV media; show apartments to potential tenant; demands and collects overdue rent payments and negotiate terms and contracts with tenants. Apartment assistant managers secures tenant certificates of insurance and correspondence; assists the managers with property inspections, runs credit or background checks on tenants and prospective tenants and reports the results to the apartment manager; keeps financial records of the building and tenants; reports any tenant complaints and apartment maintenance problems to the manager or the maintenance crew. When the apartment manager is not around, the apartment assistant manager supervises maintenance of apartment units; reports to authorities any suspicious criminal activities in the building; informs the building superintendent and work crews of work to be done; pays property taxes and all forms of bills and taxes; helps in building security and pays utilities.

Education and Training Requirements

Most employers hire apartment assistant managers who hold college degrees in management or a similar field. Most states require apartment assistant managers to hold state or regional certification and to pass written state exams. Since this is an entry-level job, there is a possibility of being promoted to the apartment manager position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become successful in this field, an apartment assistant manager must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, accounting and basic computer skills, negotiation skills, multi-tasking and organization skills, problem-solving skills, and extensive knowledge in building codes, local laws and other important regulations related to leasing apartments.

Working Conditions

The apartment assistant manager normally works on a regular week schedule. He works in well-lighted, moderately quiet and comfortable environment. Extended working hours might be done particularly when doing maintenance or emergency situations.


An apartment assistant manager makes $33,000 annually on average. Factors like size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably amongst apartment assistant managers.

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