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Skilled Apartment Manager Job Description


An apartment manager handles all daily responsibilities of an apartment complex. Collecting rent, depositing payments and informing residents of delayed payments and dues are just some of the responsibilities of an apartment manager. He is directly responsible to the owner of an apartment.


One of an apartment manager’s tasks is locating tenants to fill vacancies. He/she is responsible for placing ads in newspapers, apartment finder magazines, websites, flyers and in front of the apartment complex. An apartment manager can be creative and make promos and gimmicks to attract interest that may result in tenant occupancy. He/she accompanies and tours the prospective tenant all around the apartment. If the tenant is interested and opts to rent a unit, he hands out an application form to the tenant and makes sure the tenant completes every queries asked of him in the application. The apartment manager then does background and credit checks on the would-be tenant to see he has any undesirable history that would otherwise null his application. When the apartment is unsure of granting the person rent, he consults with the owner and lets the latter decide on whether to accept his application or not. The apartment manager collects rents and deposits. If a tenant is late paying, he may decide to collect a late fee or evict the tenant. Sometimes an apartment manager may hire and supervise workers like, accountants and maintenance staff, including groundskeepers to do maintenance and cleaning services to the apartment and to assess financial issues. He is responsible for these workers and has the power to terminate their services. An apartment manager’ can often act as a troubleshooter to tenants and employees. He hears complaints and requests acts on them expeditiously.

Education and Training Requirements

There are no specific academic requirements for an apartment manager job. A college degree surely enhances the qualification of an individual especially if his college background is business or management.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Managerial, interpersonal and computer skills as well as a working knowledge of building maintenance are essential qualities seen in a good apartment manager.

Working Conditions

Managers usually often work long hours, including weekend and night work. They usually are on-site managers and live in one of the apartment units. Their work may be stressful and physically demanding.


An apartment manager makes $36,000 annually on average. Factors like size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among apartment managers.

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