Dynamic Online Store Manager Job Description


An online store manager’s job is similar to that of a manager from a tangible retail store. The difference is the online store manager does not need to talk with clients in person. The online store manager’s main job is to make sure that all the items being sold are up-to-date, have the correct sizes, prices and the like. He/she is also responsible for listing the store policies as well as putting up a shopping cart for the customers to use.


An online store manager is responsible for everything that goes on in the store’s website. This includes the posting/displaying of the goods, making sure that all links are working, updating the database, and of course, customer service. To make sure that the online store continuously runs smoothly, the online store manager must always respond to emails as well as answer phone messages from both their clients and suppliers in 24 hours or less. The online store manager also keeps in touch with a logistics company as well as the suppliers and manufacturers of the products they provide. This way, she can haggle and agree on pricing of all goods. It is also her job to keep a database of the inventory. She must always know what products need to be replenished or changed. She makes a schedule for the cut-off of the order filling and payment for the day to ensure the buyer receives the packages in a timely manner. The online store manager is also in charge of the promotion of the site. She is responsible for the sales as well. Therefore, she needs to think of ways to attract more customers like free shipping, or buy 2, get 1 free deals. If she is skilled in working on a computer and has SEO or search engine optimization skills, she can use this to promote the online store as well.

Education and Training Requirements:

An online store manager does not necessarily have to have a bachelor’s degree, but must at least be skilled in the computer as well as the internet and SEO.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

An online store manager needs to be organized and have good computer and SEO skills. She must be hard working and available for customer service especially during store hours. She must be results-oriented with a good eye for details.

Working Conditions:

Usually, an online store manager works from home and works at her own time.


The average salary for a gym manager is $42,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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