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Efficient Assistant Sales Manager Job Description


An Assistant Sales Manager “assists” in managing a group of employees in the sales group or within a store. This job can be found in many industries, such as retail, electronics, automotives, manufacturing or even communications. They work with and reports to the sales manager. He takes charge of the staff whenever sales manager is not around. Their task involves developing sales pitches, scheduling employees and assigning territories.


An Assistant Sales Manager does a lot of selling as well. They frequently show how products and services work, and when a purchase is made, follows up with the buyer. They also aid the sales manager in promoting teamwork and inspire staff by offering incentives or bonuses. They provide targets and motivate staff to attain targets. His goal is to secure client and produce accounts for the team supervisor and oneself. They help in recruiting and training of sales staff. They regularly deal with issues and sensitive enquiries. They arrange staff work and rotation. One important role an assistant sales manager does is dealing with finances of the store. He is responsible in handling cash returns and the day’s sales.

Education and Training Requirements

An Assistant Sales Manager requirement may differ in many companies. They need to have a degree that focuses on marketing, advertising, business, math and communications. Some companies may not need a person to have a degree. They are more interested on your ability as a sales person. Having work experience is also an advantage.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An Assistant Sales Manager is organized and confident in giving work to staff. They are required to have leadership and communication skills and have a good outlook on their job. They are focused on customer service and customer satisfaction. Occasionally, they may operate the cash register and computer so they should be knowledgeable with technology. It is important for an assistant manager to be professional, patient, resilient and courteous all the time.

Working Conditions

An Assistant Sales Manager works in offices but may be required to travel from to one branch to another in order to visit sales representatives. The working hours are regular but they are sometimes asked to extend working hours when needed. Their working environment might be stressful sometimes because of deadlines and target sales.


An Assistant Sales Manager may receive an average pay of $30,000 to $44,000 per year. This may also become higher if the company provides benefits or commissions; the work is based in an office or store, experience and other factors.

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