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Professional Sales Consultant Job Description


A sales consultant is responsible for devising strategies to promote and sell products or services to customers and clients. They serve as the liaison between a company and a client to ensure requirements of the customers are met. Sales consultants also recommend and sell products or services to clients. Good sales consultants maintain business relationships by means of trust and integrity.


Duties of sales consultants are as follows: determines the needs of a customer and offer solutions to those needs through the company’s products or services; meet or even exceed the sales quotas; establish long-lasting relationships with clients; manage a specific sales territory to produce a customer base; promote products and services; contact both potential and present customers; record all negotiations with customers; being up-to-date with the most recent market trends and products; devise sales techniques; demonstrate products and services to customers; study sales statistics and establish sales potential; regularly monitor customers’ preferences; and seek opportunities for learning and training.

Education and Training Requirements:

Those seeking to work as sales consultants would only need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some employers prefer candidates with a college degree or possess background in commerce, sales, advertising, marketing or accounting. It is also important to have a strong background in computers.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Sales consultants need to have an above average communication skills, both written and verbal. They are also expected to close business deals successfully by means of an excellent negotiation skills and an innovative and persuasive character. Sales consultants are also supposed to possess good networking skills and have the ability to deal with a wide variety of client companies and customers. Being able to work under pressure and devise sales strategies are characteristics that can make a sales consultant successful. They must have the ability to explain product features and benefits in comparison to competing brands. Lastly, they need to be organized, outgoing, energetic and confident.

Working Conditions:

A sales consultant typically works in a well-lit and clean office setting. They usually work 40 hours a week but are expected to be flexible to work even during evenings, weekends and holidays. Their work may also entail them to travel to other places to meet clients and customers.


On the average a sales consultant receive a salary of $75,000, which can differ greatly due to industry, company, location, experience and benefits.

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