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Strategic Corporate Sales Manager Job Description


A corporate sales manager is in charge of maximizing sales of the company. He/she sets realistic expectations and pushes through on these expectations with determination and drive to make company revenues grow as much as possible. Corporate sales managers are responsible for the operations of a company’s sales force, development and implementation of annual sales, monitoring performance of teams and sales goals, and meeting with other company managers to ensure that business objectives are executed properly and right on schedule.


The corporate sales manager is in charge of training, managing and advising all salespeople. He/she has to work with the HR in recruiting, interviewing, assessing candidates, providing training and orientation to new hires, evaluating employee work and output and initiating termination for under-performing employees. Corporate sales managers are also responsible for ensuring that each team member meet individual goals the overall sales goal of the company. These managers are create and submit daily sales reports to supervisors, VP of sales, or the company CEO. They must also coordinate with the marketing department to ensure clarity of common objectives, which he/she must disseminate to field employees. Corporate sales managers also meet with important clients and scout for potential prospects regularly. Once a client is found, the corporate sales manager then calls a meeting, assigns a salesperson for the account, and finds a project manager, product designers, technical experts and other professionals to help develop a marketing plan that would benefit both the client and the company. The corporate sales manager is also responsible for approving all sales plans. He/she usually represents the company at trade shows.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in a business-related course is a requirement for most employers for candidates to this job. Some companies value experience more than a degree and hire individuals with considerable experience and expertise even with no college background. They hire individuals having between three and 15 years of experience.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A successful corporate sales manager involves having all these skills: Organization, entrepreneurial, interpersonal, management and negotiating skills.

Working Conditions

Corporate sales managers work in a well-lit comfortable office environment. The job involves extensive travel to meet with existing and potential clients, attend industry events, join trade shows, engage in speaking activities and supervise sales teams in other locations.


A corporate sales manager makes $62,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among corporate sales managers.

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