Exceptional Baseball General Manager Job Description


A baseball general manager is responsible for all activities involved in running a baseball team. He manages all aspects of the organization with emphasis on selling tickets to fill a stadium and advertising sponsorships for the team.


The baseball general manager is responsible for planning and attaining budgets of the baseball team, arranging travels plans for the players and coaches, as well as addressing questions and complaints in relation to the baseball team. The baseball general manager also hires and fires the coaching staff of the baseball team, oversees and assures that the baseball team does not go over budget; manages, reviews and keeps contracts of the baseball players; and drafts managers to work for the organization. The baseball general manager also negotiates the contract of team players, makes decisions when it comes to trading baseball players and reports daily operations of the baseball team to its superiors. Baseball general managers also discuss with top management and owners regarding certain concerns about the team, explain decisions he recommends for the team, accept feedback from the top management; and represent the baseball team in all activities necessary.

Education and Training Requirements

A college education is needed to become a baseball general manager. Aspiring baseball general managers may work their way up, starting as an intern or a job in sales. The hard part of being a baseball general manager is how to stay in the industry. He must maintain good relations with everyone in the industry and must always keep the team’s best interest at heart. Having background in finance, marketing, accounting, management and computers will become an advantage.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A baseball general manager must obviously know how baseball operations run. In handling professional athletic teams such as baseball, it’s not what you now, but who you know that matters. Having exceptional interpersonal and communications skills will be a huge part of the job. Hard work, determination, dedication, honesty and relentlessness will bring aspiring baseball general managers a long way. Another important factor is that the baseball general manager most be constantly recreating the look and feel of the baseball team. He must let the team stay current and visible in the league.

Working Conditions

A baseball manager may be required to work in flexible schedules. Travel may also be necessary especially when it comes to popular baseball teams that are in big leagues. He must always also be with an entire team wherever they go resenting them at all times when necessary.


The median salary of a baseball general manager is $80,000. Variables that may determine how much a baseball general manager can make include the size of the team, the situation the team is in and the level of experience of the general manger. The baseball general manager may also be given bonuses after exceeding quota on ticket sales or landing a good advertising deal.

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