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Fund Controller Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare financial statements on monthly basis and prepare schedule to perform audits on statements.

Evaluate and ensure accuracy in all NAVs and perform daily cash reconciliations and resolve all cash breaks effectively, managing al communication with third party administrators.

Coordinate with investor relations and legal team to resolve all accounting and process issues and supervise all administrative functions to perform net asset calculation.

Administer all fund financial statements on an annual basis, prepare schedule for all investors and evaluate all details for payments and fees for processes.

Analyze all data and reports and ensure resolution of all investor queries and develop financial statement for funds and capital statements for all investors.

Maintain existing customer base and ensure optimal level of client satisfaction and resolve all issues and queries for customers.

Supervise all administration services for clients and perform audit in coordination with tax managers.

Evaluate all calculations and prepare annual statements and perform regular analysis on special areas.

Collaborate with functional departments and ensure availability of all resources required for financial statements and maintain accuracy in all work according to company standards.

Collect all information from regional teams and provide support to regional team and prepare quarterly financial template and evaluate all fund procedures annually.

Manage and maintain track of all debt and cash and perform all treasury functions and process all fund administrators net asset value.

Collaborate with internal marketing group and respond to all queries and supervise working of fund administration firms.

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