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Accounting Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Assist accountant and investigate all issues for account receivables and payables.

Administer all complex data entries and journals for cost accounting and make appropriate corrections and adjustment as required.

Perform audit on all purchase orders and invoices and manage requisition vouchers.

Administer and process all transactions for vouchers and maintain invoices for ledgers and reconcile all financial statements.

Analyze all accounting processes and make appropriate correction as required.

Manage and process all bills and invoices for payment and prepared accounts on a monthly basis.

Manage all overdue accounts and identify all risk accounts and ensure timely collection of same.

Monitor all credit card disputes and prepare all appropriate bills and statements to clients.

Administer credit card statements, reconcile all of it and identify any discrepancies in same.

Manage cash and check deposits for banks on an everyday basis.

Coordinate with vendors and prepare documents for al credits and backorders.

Assist various departments and processing all closing of accounts.

Develop and manage all financial statements and ensure confidentiality of all information.

Manage all data, administer appropriate coding and update information on processing system.

Analyze all accounting requirements and distribute all mails to account department appropriately.

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