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Transaction Advisory Services Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Perform earnings quality as well as quality of net assets evaluation.

Interpret and evaluate operational and financial trends of target companies.

Convey due diligence results in formal report.

Monitor junior staff as well as provide performance review feedback.

Manage buyers and sellers engagements across all aspects of transaction life cycle.

Supervise and guide team members suitably.

Participate in all new customer development activities.

Interpret main business drivers having impact on reported profitability.

Identify and convey key deal issues to senior management having impact on purchase price or deal structure.

Analyze historical financial along with operating results of target companies to define business trends as well as identify risks.

Identify key post closure matters to be addressed to assure enhancement in profitability and cash flows.

Interact extensively with entire personnel of target companies and client.

Review and prepare due diligence reports specifying evaluation and findings.

Execute challenging assumptions pertinent to future financial projections.

Assist to develop purchase price allocations.

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