Branch Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Train all service managers for everyday maintenance operations for various assign branches and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and meet all financial objectives.

Monitor all development activities and ensure optimal candidates for various branch operations and ensure optimal standard of all services to ensure quality improvements and ensure issuance of all technical quotations to customers.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all customers and prepare required presentation and recommend various strategies to reduce processing costs for organization and ensure authenticity of all information.

Monitor all returned equipments from site and coordinate with asset allocation team to gather all equipment requirements and participate in all process improvement activities with help of required tools.

Collaborate with sales team to prepare schedule of all operations and track progress and assist all operations leader to resolve all issues and achieve all business objectives.

Prepare and maintain all reports for branch such as appraisals.

Provide assistance to all EVP to identify all issues and develop efficient procedures for branch and monitor all processes and challenging systems.

Analyze and mitigate all risks for various issues for branch operations and manage all resources and coordinate with staff to provide support to all branch operations.

Provide support to all branch operations and manage all communication with branch staff in meetings and ensure compliance to all production and finance activities.

Perform sales calls to facilitate branch business and participate in all sales meetings and events and ensure effective penetration of branch to increase revenue.

Provide training to junior staff and evaluate work of all management trainees and identify all strengths and weakness for same and organize staff meetings for same.

Coordinate with all management trainees and perform all sales calls and organize all reservations for branch and assist to departments to resolve all customer issues.

Develop strategies and maintain effective customer services programs and achieve all customer expectation.

Assist in hiring and termination process of all employees.

Prepare employee schedule and prepare all profit and loss statements and prepare monthly reports on same.

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