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Club Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all club activities and analyze all financial performance and organize work for all internal resources and recommend solution to increase productivity of club.

Design all financial plans and budgets and maintain inventory of all club equipments and supplies and implement all company programs according to club policy.

Develop all profit and loss statements for club and prepare required operating plan for same and implement all improvement strategies for club and supervise achievement of all club objectives.

Administer all profit and losses for club and prepare monthly reports for same and maintain good professional relationships with all members to recommend solutions to all issues and hire and evaluate staff performance.

Train all staff member, conduct various planning sessions and prepare reports for all staff performance in club and organize weekly meetings to design effective strategies to achieve all club objectives.

Provide development coaching to all members and prepare director reports for seniors and collaborate with human resource department to implement all training programs.

Oversee all training sessions of staff and ensure compliance to all loss prevention and human resources policies and assign all departmental head for various club duties and resolve all employee pay issues.

Develop and maintain an effective team culture at all times and prepare schedule for shift coverage and evaluate everyday activities of club and ensure cleanliness at all times.

Provide optimal level of customer services to all guests and administer all payrolls and ensure compliance to budget.

Prepare and approve all cash management reports according to required standards.

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