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Document Control Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Promote Agile software, and oversee and record its upgrades through protocol to make Document Control more effective.

Use MS Excel and Access and other applications to manage databases for company.

Ensure adherence to FDA QSR, ISO9001, ISO13485 and EN460001 guidelines during processing of Change Order.

Include Change Control within the realms of Document services functions.

Manage and review quality and training records and regulatory library.

Sustain and supervise hardcopies of artwork and ECO data and database for document control.

Maintain global standards of quality and timeliness in Document Control, while remaining under the budget.

Counsel and support staff on Document control as well as administrative functions.

Collaborate with project staff and management, plan and coordinate meetings and record minutes of meetings.

Maintain records of construction activities in print and on computer database.

Offer administrative services and handle project correspondence

Manage online document systems and maintain and review document records.

Track and Replenish supplies of office resources.

Prepare and input construction documents into Document systems and develop monthly reports and presentations.

Sustain Coordination and communication between contractor and management

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