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Document Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Follow client norms, maintain excellent quality and resolve errors while call copying documents and performing other tasks.

Ensure integrity of original documents through processing, and packing and marking of prepared projects.

Check completion and correctness of forms, documents and bills.

Identify and resolve problems in collaboration with the management.

Organize establishment to maintain quality and safety of services provided.

Oversee periodic repairs and upgrading of copy instruments and application software.

Utilize software skills to write, edit, revise and compare documents according to guidelines.

Perform transcription and conversion work, and scanning of documents.

Handle correspondence, preparation of presentations and budgets, and varied documents.

Ensure complete secrecy in managing confidential documents, and manage document recovery.

Proofread, merge and format documents whenever required.

Merge image documents with text documents, and assist in printing procedures.

Supervise completion of corporate and authorized projects within given time, resources and official guidelines.

Maintain electronic data files as well as hard copies of reports for FDA approval.

Research loan documents for conformity to terms and conditions.

Collaborate with bank officials on adhering to or revising government norms for loan documents and verification of Uniform Commercial Code.

Ensure agreement of documents and corporate records with legal, clinical, financial and regulatory guidelines.

File, record, recover, archive, scan and maintain documents and database systems.

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