Floor Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all communication with employees before and after conferences and finalize all deals in company.

Prepare reports to track performance of employees to enhance efficient evaluation.

Administer all problems of employees and invite everyone for table discussion.

Prepare semi-monthly salary slips for staff members working in company.

Monitor work and maintain an efficient rapport between floor employees and directors’ board.

Assist Educational Programs Manager to improve pattern of new educational institutes and coaching centers.

Assist employees to monitor birthday party celebration and finalize budgets for same.

Provide backup to trainees by offering excellent teaching and guidance.

Coordinate with supervisors and ensure compliance with company to activate several systems like Softscape.

Investigate all issues on floor and assist to resolve all mistakes for management team and working staff.

Analyze and identify growth for all projects at workstations and ensure high quality service.

Attend recruitment drive campaigns to enhance the production process in unique way.

Maintain efficient standard operating system for company and evaluate same.

Determine personal objectives and ensure achievement of target to ensure high quality service and products for better performance.

Prepare and maintain archive and other devices for providing benefits to customers.

Assist potential customers and maintain efficient relationships with prior customers.

Coordinate with corporate leaders to lead team for working perfectly.

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