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Global Program Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with all cross functional team and develop enhancements to various global programs and administer everyday activities across multiple projects.

Analyze global environment and collaborate with various international departments to improve all processes and evaluate all factors to improve all global programs.

Develop and implement various new and modification to products and services and ensure optimal customer satisfaction, prepare and supervise all construction schedule and budget to achieve all required goals and facilitate in developing and maintaining an efficient supply chain.

Administer all purchase orders and requests of change orders to suppliers and coordinated with management to prepare commodity business plans and perform regular audit on pricing of all products.

Manage all business system and maintain integrity of all system and develop all proposals and bid responses in coordination with customers and participate in customer meetings.

Manage all communication of company and prepare all phases of business and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction within project schedule and budget and monitor work at customer site.

Monitor and maintain records of all product metrics and analyze results and maintain knowledge on all contract negotiations.

Supervise all interdepartmental activities and ensure compliance to project timelines and quality according to business metrics, evaluate all programs and prepare proposals for all global programs as per available resources.

Determine and formulate work plan for program phase and assign work to each personnel, monitor all life cycle activities and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction and escalate issues to management if required.

Develop and maintain good professional relationships with customers and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction with project and ensure positive feedback for same.

Provide support to all production sites, monitor costs and provide subject matter expertise in same.

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